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1. Q: How does work?
A: We're using Cisco Webex as virtual classroom, which supports video, audio, screen sharing, white boarding and more. You may view how it works.
2. Q: Should I download any software or application?
A: Yes, please install Webex here. It'll be helpful if you also have Skype, which serves as backup when the classroom is slow.
3. Q: How long is the free trial Chinese lesson?
A: It lasts for 25-50 minutes depending on your needs.
4. Q: Can I choose/change the Chinese teacher?
A: Yes, teachers' availability can be viewed online and you may choose your favorite.
5. Q: What is the Chinese learning material?
A: We have both our own courseware and the most popular textbooks amongst Chinese learners.
6. Q: Should I buy a Chinese textbook?
A: It depends on what material you're using. The consultant will suggest you buy the book if needed.
7. Q: What is the price for online Chinese lessons?
A: The rate is different depending on your class frequency. You may view options on pricing page. We can also make you a custom package if none of them works for you.
8. Q: Can I share the package with my family member?
A: Yes, no additional fee is needed if 2-3 family members take all lessons together in one classroom, while 40% extra fee is needed if they use different accounts.
9. Q: Will I get any reward if I refer a friend?
A: Yes, you'll get free lessons or discount on your next purchase. Please view the referral program.
10. Q: Does my current subscription include use of Supermemo?
A: Our registered users are entitled to use all premium courses at super memo for free for one month. You may hit the Go to SuperMemo button, then type in code SPEAKMANDARIN2018 after clicking on redeem it at the right bottom.
Other Questions
1. Q: What’s the learning plan? Is it customized for me?
A: Students will get a free trial online Chinese session first. During this session, Chinese teacher will evaluate students' Chinese level and try to understand their learning objective. Then, the learning consultant will send a customized learning plan just as per students' own level and requirements to them for free! Students will start their Chinese mandarin session according to this plan. Every student will have his own learning consultant who will keep track of his studying progress, check the status of their learning, and adjust the learning plan in time, if needed.
2. Q: How should I arrange my online Chinese classes time?
A: We strongly suggest that students have more than five Chinese classes in a week with some before-class preview and after-class review to get learning effectiveness. Students will master the Chinese they learned through constant repeat and memorization. At the same time, students also can talk to our counselors, and they will suggest a study plan accordingly. One feature of our system is flexible that allows student change/cancel their booked sessions before session start with Refund Policy.
3. Q: Are the times displayed on the clock at the website and the "Schedule Column" my local time?
A: Yes, our system is able to detect your local time zone, as shown in your PC, automatically. Therefore, the time you see in the "Schedule Column" and the clock on our website should be the same as your PC.
4. Q: How far in advance do I need to book a session and how long is one session?
A: Sessions have to be booked at least 12 hours ahead of the coaching time. Session lengths vary depending on the personal preferences of the student as well as the courses and any packages that have been pre-booked. Session times can range between 25 minutes and 50 minutes.
5. Q: Can I track my Chinese learning progress?
A: Yes. After each session, your coach will provide you with session notes in the feedback section of your account. It will cover what you have learned in that session. You also could print them as you want.
6. Q: Can these sessions prepare me for a certification exam?
A: Yes, they can. The only simplified Chinese exam with international recognition in China is the HSK, which is the "Chinese Level Exam." We can make a customized study plan, where all of your sessions will be related to the HSK test to help you to pass it. Moreover, we can also help users to prepare for other examinations like SAP, AT or BCT, ILR and so on.

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