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Standard Chinese
Our standard Chinese course is broken down into 3 levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Starting with an introduction to pinyin, our systematic approach will lead students to eventually recognize over 1500 Chinese characters upon completion. With our carefully selected scenarios, phrases, expressions and cultural points of interest, our goal is to give you a true understanding of life in China.
We begin with an introduction to Pinyin, the phonetic translation of Mandarin pronunciation and tones using the Latin alphabet. This will build the foundation to learning basic conversational Chinese words and phrases. Students will also learn how to read and write basic Chinese characters, known as Hanzi.
At this level, students will become more comfortable with articulating simple ideas and engaging in conversations with native speakers. This course will lead students to become more effective communicators in everyday situations, such as going to the bank or post office and engaging in discussion about hobbies or the weather. Students can also expect to master reading and writing approximately 800-1,000 Chinese characters.
At the advanced level, students will gain confidence in exchanging thoughts on a large variety of topics–especially those pertaining to their own interests, everyday life, and everyday routines–with a focus of achieving close-to-normal word speed. Topics will also get more "abstract" at this level. Students will learn how to describe and articulate their own feelings, both emotional and physical. Students can also expect to recognize approximately 1500-2000 Chinese characters upon completion of the advanced program.
All of our courses are customized to your personal language skills and goals. If you need even more customization, we can do that, too!