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We understand that each student is in a different situation and differing training needs. We customize the exam preparation package for each student to meet his or her specific needs. Below you will find some sample packages that our students usually follow.

Package 1: Intensive Training Package
This package is intended for students who have a relatively short period of time to prepare for the exam (typically 1-2 months). These students usually have received some Chinese language training prior to this and have a reasonable amount of vocabulary, including a limited number of words/phrases related to politics, economics, environment, and other seldom-used vocabulary. These students are also able to communicate on the topics that he or she is familiar with, such as biographical information.

The package includes:
• 3-4 sessions daily, 50 minutes per session
• Homework
• Mock exams
• Listening material designed for ILR test
• Custom training materials

Our ILR training courseware-Hot topics covers many important topics, such as education, environment, social problem, etc. A large selection of training materials is available to help the students' language meet the requirement of ILR test.

Package 2: Standard Training Package
This package is best for those who have relatively less experience in Chinese speaking and listening skills, and thus need more time to build up his or her vocabulary. These students have established basic vocabulary and are able to use typical daily expressions.

First the student will systematically learn the basic Chinese language, then the student will start specific language training and materials for the ILR test.

The package includes:
• 1-2 session daily, 50 minutes per session (first period)
• 3-4 sessions daily, 50 minutes per session (second period)
• Basic Chinese language
• Homework
• Mock exams
• Listening material designed for ILR test
• Custom training materials

Our ILR training courseware-Current News covers the most tested topics in the ILR test. Students will be able to report the facts of what they have seen recently on television news or read in the newspaper after studying the courseware. Under the careful guidance of our teachers, students will become familiar with the language style of news topics and be prepared for the test.

We designed this test preparation package in accordance with the five levels of the ILR scale…

ILR Level 1: Elementary Proficiency
ILR Level 2: Limited Working Proficiency
ILR Level 3: Professional Working Proficiency
ILR Level 4: Full Professional Proficiency
ILR Level 5: Native or Bilingual Proficiency

Please go to this link to determine your level before your test.

Your coach at will be glad to help you with locating your level and selecting the appropriate materials. Your coach will be focusing especially on your weak points in order to give you a more efficient and fruitful test prep experience!