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The most Professional but Affordable Solution for Your Chinese Study!
as low as $8 per session!
When it comes to improving language proficiency, no method is more successful than practicing with experienced, native-speaking instructors in an authentic language environment! Following the guidance provided in the ILR language-level document,'s ILR exam tutoring service customizes the training package according to each student's level and helps them successfully pass at least the level 2 exam.guidance

This is how we ensure that our students improve quickly over a relatively short time: •Mock Test: Mock tests are arranged at the beginning of study to correctly identify student's level. In addition mock tests are spread throughout the lessons to insure students will be familiar with the test procedure before taking the real test.

The package includes:
• Session format: 1-on-1 live sessions
• Teaching team: All sessions are led by our experienced teachers who have all previously helped students successfully pass the exam. Our learning consultant and primary teaching system ensures that your training is consistent while the variety of the teaching team enables you with the familiarity of different voices.
• Materials:'s teaching team collects materials with an emphasis on current events to use as the session's discussion materials. These materials cover a wide range of topics that might appear on your exam. Meanwhile, we require students to provide us with the topics that they are familiar with and those that they want to practice. This guarantees that we know your strengths and weakness' in order to prepare the materials specifically according to your personal needs.
• Test tips: Our experience in tutoring for the ILR exam helps us to set up several tips for taking ILR test. Students will be trained to use these tips for the exam.
• Session style: All sessions are discussion-driven in order to improve the students' speaking and listening comprehension abilities.
Session process: A large portion of our oral exam tutoring sessions in your training package simulates the exact conditions of the exam that you will encounter.