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Home/Live Chinese Lessons on Your iPad / iPhone!
Live 1-on-1 Chinese Lessons on your iPad / iPhone and other smart phones!
Enjoy the freedom of learning Chinese whenever and wherever you want! A gift for users at Call us and practice spoken Chinese with your teachers through your iPad/iPhone and other smart phones! You can join a WebEx session on your smart Phone anytime, anywhere. Download the free app now and take it for a spin! Have an iPad? Download WebEx for iPad from the Apple App Store.
Who can join this program?
√ Ipad and smart phone users with iPhone, Android, SamSung or BlackBerry system.
√ WebEx Mobile apps are free!
√ Attend WebEx meetings from any 3G/4G or other WiFi-enabled device.
How to start an online session from mobile devices?
Step 1
Download Meeting APP supported by on your mobile devices.
SessionOnPhone (This is the icon of WebEx appliation in APP Store)
(This is a screenshot of entering a classroom)
Step 2
Send an email to Customer Service at or contact "Live Chat" on our webpage who will help you to schedule it. The session should be scheduled at least 12 hours before it starts.
Step 3
Tap the "WebEx join meeting link" in your email box your coach sent to you. And then, enjoy your Chinese class!
The following pictures are sharing courseware and chating via WebEx classroom.
Note: Please view this demo to learn more about how to use the WebEx Meeting on mobile devices.
SessionOnPhone  SessionOnPhone