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Listening Comprehension
Many foreigners want to learn more about present-day China through learning the Chinese language. However, it has been said that the process of learning a language is not just about the grammar and phrases. More importantly, it is a tool for communication. We strongly encourage learners to form a good learning habit, such as accumulating one language point every day or trying to utilize more spare time learning the language. The instructors at make their best efforts to show the most popular Chinese terms and sentences in these recordings. The series of courses cover many stories and/or articles related to current events, style, life, the state of the current economy, the hot spots in town and much more. These materials were previously only available for students with a language level of intermediate or above, but now they are open to everyone! You can easy to use them by your mp3, laptop or smart-phone etc. Start now! Your listening comprehension will be dramatically improved if you could keep up your hard work! Please contact us which you want to learn, we'll make it work!