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News>>Parents Invest in Mandarin Course for Their Children
Parents Invest in Mandarin Course for Their Children
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12th Grade school student
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• "The quality of the teaching, and the attitude of the teachers has been first class..."
• "Thank you very much for arranging the classes in Beijing. Your team is fantastic. I learned so much from you school..."
• " was incredibly useful to me in my intensive preparation for a number of Federal language tests..."

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Lydia Carlson hired a Chinese nanny to give her daughter extra help learning Mandarin over the past two summers. She expected the girl, who attends a Mandarin immersion school, would benefit from the extra help since she comes from a white American family.

"She preserved her fluency a lot," said Carlson, who lives in Minnesota and works in marketing. “Her Mandarin proficiency level was already quite high but it’s gotten much higher just from being able to chitchat with someone during the day.

"We wanted her to understand not only is China different and wonderful, but there's a whole civilisation there too, like in the West. We wanted her to be exposed to that."

"Having lived abroad, we know how important this is too, to be able to interact with locals in a way you can’t interact if you don’t speak the local language."

-- Reproduced in South China Morning Post