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Chinese III
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Course Description
This 1 on 1 Mandarin online course is the continuation of Integrated Chinese Level II. We will continue our journey to the world of listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese. In the 1 on 1 online Chinese tutorial, the student will be exposed to a broader variety of topics and more complicated sentence patterns, as well as more cultural foundations. The course further provides a basic understanding of Chinese history, important historical events, and historical figures.

Prerequisites for this session are: Integrated Chinese Level I-II, or equivalents. Before Chinese online session starts, student is required to complete one online live assessment with one of's learning consultants in order to determine his/her current level. More importantly, to conduct an online assessment prior to the session starts will enable us to better understand student's situation and needs, so that to customize a step-by-step study plan.

We will be covering lesson 1-10 of Integrated Chinese Textbook Level 2 Part 1 at this level. While linguistic points including Pinyin and characters are important in the Chinese course, more focus will be paid to interactive oral practice with native speakers. Students will learn to communicate effectively with the language they study from the Chinese textbook and be confident in real-time conversations. In addition, the 1 on 1 Chinese course continues developing awareness of the socio-linguistic and sociological differences between Chinese and American culture, a necessity for successful cross-cultural communication.
Course Content
* Unit1
1. To Begin a New Semester
2. Dormitory
By accomplishing Unit 1, students will be able to explain how to write your Chinese name; say where you were born and grew up; discuss the pros and cons of living on and off campus; express politely a dissenting opinion; name basic pieces of furniture in a house; describe your living quarters; comment on someone's living quarters; disagree tactfully.
Assignment: Students need to write an article about the place where they live using at least 5 sentences. Students will send the assignment to teacher by emails in word of PDF format.
By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to describe their living quarters in Chinese.

* Unit2
1. In a Restaurant
2. Shopping
By accomplishing Unit 2, students will be able to name for principal regional Chinese cuisines; order food and drinks; talk about what flavors you like or dislike; make your dietary restrictions and preferences known; name basic clothing, bedding and bath items; describe your shopping preferences and criteria; disagree with others tactfully.
Assignment: In-class Role-Play. Chinese teacher will say: suppose you are in a Chinese restaurant. You are given a Chinese menu. Ask the waiter/waitress questions to order Chinese food. You can ask me about the materials, ingredients in the dishes. Also, make special requests on the flavor of food. I will be the waiter/waitress. Please note that you need to ask me at least 6 questions.
By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to order food and drinks in Chinese; talk about what flavors you like or dislike; make your dietary restrictions and preferences known.

* Unit3
1. Selecting Courses
2. Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend
By accomplishing Unit 3, students will be able to state your major area of study/academic department and some required general courses you have taken; talk about what you plan to do after graduating; explore what will enhance your future job opportunities; explain whether your family members have an influence on your choice of major and career path; share tips on how to save money on your education; say if you have an upbeat personality; state if you share the same interests or hobbies with others; inquire if everything is OK and find out what has happened; describe typical behaviors of a forgetful person; give a simple description what you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend tell what makes you anxious or angry.
Assignment: Personality Scale(in-class). Chinese teacher will show some pictures and some characters in movie or cartoons in WebEx, and ask students to rate those people/characters' personalities with 1 representing the least cheerful and 5 the most cheerful. Then ,based on students' ratings, students will make comparisons among the characters and students themselves. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to describe personalities between different people in Chinese.

* Unit4
1. Computer & Internet
2. To Work Part-time
By accomplishing Unit 4, students will be able to find out if others are angry with you and apologize if so; reduce potential tension in a conversation by changing the subject;let people know about the trouble you had to go through because of their thoughtlessness or carelessness; name your activities on the internet and discuss how you make use of the internet; discuss the pros and the cons of using the internet; review your monthly income and spending patterns; talk about how your balance your personal budget; name some possible reasons to work part-time while in school; discuss the pros and cons of working part-time while in school; describe what you dislike or what bothers you.
Assignment: Report. Students will prepare a report on positive and/or negative impact has had on their daily life and then make a presentation in class.
By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to present the pros and the cons of using the internet in Chinese.

* Unit5
1. Education
2. Chinese Geography
By accomplishing Unit 5, students will be able to comment if you had a stress-free childhood; name some typical classes offered in after-school programs; indicate agreement or disagreement; present your opinions; talk about parents' aspirations for their children; locate major Chinese cities, provinces, and rivers on the map; giver a brief introduction to the geographic features of China; compare some basic geographic aspects of China and the US; describe features that may attract you to or deter you from visiting a tourist site; plan a trip to China.
Assignment: Chinese teacher will share a map of China in WebEx and ask students to locate major Chinese cities, provinces, and rivers.
By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to introduce major Chinese cities, provinces, and rivers in Chinese.