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Chinese II
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Course Description
This online Chinese course is the continuation of Integrated Chinese Level I. We will continue our journey to the world of listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese. In the 1 on 1 online Chinese tutorial, the student will be exposed to a broader variety of topics and more complicated sentence patterns, as well as basic cultural foundations.

Prerequisite for this session is Integrated Chinese Level I, or equivalents. Before 1 on 1 Mandarin online session starts, student is required to complete one online live assessment with one of's learning consultants in order to determine his/her current level. More importantly, to conduct an online assessment prior to the session starts will enable us to better understand student's situation and needs, so as to customize a step-by-step study plan.

We will be covering lesson 11-20 of Integrated Chinese Textbook Level 1 Part 2 at this level. While linguistic points including Pinyin and characters are important in the Chinese course, more focus will be paid to interactive oral practice with native speakers. Students will learn to communicate effectively with the Chinese language they study from the textbook and be confident in real-time conversations. Emphasis will be laid on the communicative skills of listening and speaking Chinese, students will also continue to learn to read and write Chinese characters, and write short essays in Chinese characters. To facilitate the study of the language, different aspects of Chinese culture and society will be introduced through such activities as Chinese videos, Chinese songs and poems.
Course Content
* Unit1
1. Talking about the Weather
2. Dining
By accomplishing Unit 1, students will be able to describe simple weather changes; compare the weather of two places; talk about what you may do in nice or bad weather; present a simple weather forecast; ask if there are seats available in a restaurant; order food and drinks in a Chinese restaurant; tell the waiter your dietary preferences and restrictions;ask the restaurant to recommend dishes, rush your order, pay for meal, get the correct change of your payment.
Assignment: Prepare a report (e.g. PPT) on which days the weather will be colder/warmer and how the weather will change in your city or town, make a presentation in-class. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to describe simple weather changes in Chinese.

* Unit2
1. Asking Directions
2. Birthday Party
By accomplishing Unit 2, students will be able to ask for and give directions; identify locations by using landmarks as references; describe whether two places are close to or far away from one another; state where are you heading and the purpose you're going there; ask a friend to go to a party with you; suggest things to take to a get-together; offer someone a ride and arrange a time and place to meet; thank people for their gifts; describe a duration of time; talk about the year of your birth and your Chinese zodiac sign; give a simple description of someone's facial features.
Assignment: Show a map in WebEx classroom, locate each city on the map and work with your online Chinese coach to ask and answer whether each city is close to or far away from the place where you are. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to describe whether two places are close to or far away from one another in Chinese.

* Unit3
1. Seeing a Doctor
2. Dating
By accomplishing Unit 3, students will be able to talk about and describe common symptoms of a cold and allergies; understand and repeat instructions on when and how often to take medicines; talk about why you do or don't want to see the doctor; urge others to see a doctor when they are not feeling well; describe how long you've known someone; invite someone to go on a date; make the necessary arrangement to go out with friends; accept a date courteously; decline a date politely; end a phone conversation without hurting the other people's feelings.
Assignment: Seeing a doctor. (in-class Role-play) You (students) are sick, you (students) need to tell the doctor (the Chinese coach) your symptoms and ask for the treatment. The doctor will also ask you some questions about your illness. Then he/she will give you a prescription accordingly. Confirm with the doctor your prescription. (How to take the medicine) By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to talk about and describe common symptoms of a disease and understand and repeat instructions on when and how often to take medicines in Chinese.

* Unit4
1. Renting an Apartment
2. Sports
By accomplishing Unit 4, students will be able to describe your current and ideal living quarters; name common pieces of furniture; state how long you have been living at your current residence; comment briefly on why a place is or isn't good for someone; discuss and negotiate rent, utilities, and security deposits; name some popular sports; talk about your exercise habits; discuss your feelings about various sports; make a simple comparison between soccer and American football are played.
Assignment: Chinese coach asks students to prepare a chart of all the sports that his/her families did last week and for how long they did. Students will show chart in Webex and make a presentation. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to talk about exercise habits using duration complement in Chinese.

* Unit5
1. Travel
2. At the Airport
By accomplishing Unit 5, students will be able to talk about your plans for summer vacation; describe what kind of city Beijing is; describe your travel itinerary;ask for discounts, compare airfares and routes, and book an airplane ticket;ask about seat assignments and request meal accommodations based on your dietary restrictions or preferences; check in at the airport; wish departing friends a safe journey and remind them to keep in touch; greet guests at the airport; compliment someone on his or her language ability; ask about someone's health; remind someone to move on to the next event.
Assignment: Students will make a presentation about what they know about Beijing, and then find one or two other cities in the world that are similar to Beijing in some ways. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to describe and compare cities in Chinese.