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2. offers public online mandarin lessons for the kids come from Maylandsea Community Primary School, a reputable provider of online Chinese language courses, now offers its Chinese immersion program for Maylandsea Community Primary School, UK. The program is aimed at educating around 100 kids, aged 5-7 years, on the Chinese culture and the basics of Chinese language. The program will be delivered online, with the Chinese instructors being based in Beijing.
To enhance learning, Chinese instructors use an online virtual classroom to create a vivid and interactive learning environment for kids. Students communicated with a live Chinese teacher and are taught using pictures, stories, songs and videos. This enables kids to learn about the lives of their peers in China. Besides, they also learn how to introduce themselves, greet people and count numbers in a short time.
The teachers ensure that each student is taught at a pace one is comfortable with, whether first time learners or using the course to supplement Chinese studies. Some trainers can also speak several languages, including Spanish, French and Spanish, and can teach Mandarin Chinese in those languages. However, while instructing in Mandarin, the instructors use simple language.
All trainers have a Master's or bachelor's degree in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language and have the instructing credential for TCSL. They are educated and trained at China's top universities, including Beijing Language and Culture University and Peking University.