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Chinese I
Case Study
Case Study
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"I have been amazed at the speed and thoroughness that Dong Zhang has been teaching my son. It is only 4 months into the school year, and after daily lessons with Dong Zhang, he is already almost at the level of my older son, who has been taking Chinese daily in high school for two and a half years. We are so impressed with SpeakMandarin that we have spoken to our middle school suggesting that they hire them for next year to offer Chinese to other students."
-- Nancy Lee, Oren Berkowitz's mom

"I saw a recommendation for on an employment forum for people who wanted to improve their ILR phone test scores. I decided to give it a try and it was well worth it! Jenny was a wonderful instructor and I think my speaking abilities really improved a lot under her guidance. Good feedback from instructors, and investment in my personal learning goals; also integrated topics of interest to me, to supplement the fixed-level learning plan. Great service!"
-- Colin, a student having the ILR preparation classes

"The quality of the teaching, and the attitude of the teachers has been first class. They are all top university graduates with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. This means their Mandarin is well spoken so you pick up the right accent, and that they know how to teach the language, not just how to speak it! It feels like I have a team of 5-6 people supporting me. They all know my progress after each class and are in contact as much as you want them to be - you choose each class time."
-- Jack FitzGerald,

"The sessions were good complementary practices for my class. I liked how natural it was and that there was consistent dialogue occurring!"
-- Lucy Drummond, Harvey Mudd College student, U.S.

"At first I was skeptical if studying Chinese online would work, being both a teacher and a student I understand how well face to face learning works. I admit I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised the effectiveness of SpeakMandarin's online learning platform. I did quite well on the HSK and I owe it to SpeakMandarin."
-- Devin Allen, A teacher in one of international school, Beijing, China
Course Description
This course is designed for beginner level Chinese learners to develop basic knowledge of the Chinese language and entry-level communicative competence in language skills from listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is no Chinese language background required in order to take this class. Before session starts, student is required to complete one online live assessment with one of's learning consultants. The purpose of doing so is to better understand student's situation and needs, so that to customize a step-by-step study plan for the student.

We will be covering lesson 1-10 of Integrated Chinese Textbook Level 1 Part 1 at this level. During the course, students will build basic vocabulary and grammatical structures, and daily conversational Chinese. While linguistic points including Pinyin and characters are important in the course, more focus will be paid to interactive oral practice with native speakers, and introduction to the social and cultural background of the language will also form an important part of the course. The listening and speaking skills in high-frequency common communicative settings will be developed through problem-based and project-based learning.
Course Content
* Unit1
1. Introduction to Chinese, Basic Classroom phrases
2. Greetings
3. Family
By accomplishing Unit 1, students will be able to exchange basic greetings, request a person's last name and full name and provide your own expression/ask whether someone is a student or a teacher; tell someone about his/her own nationality; employ basic kinship terms;  describe a family photo; ask about and say someone's professions. 
Assignment: Show your family picture to your coach in virtual classroom and describe the people in the picture. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to introduce and describe family members.

* Unit2
1. Dates and Time
2. Hobbies
By accomplishing Unit 2, students will be able to tell and speak about time and dates; talk about one's age and birthday; invite someone to dinner; arrange a dinner date; say and write the terms for basic personal hobbies; ask about someone's hobbies; ask friends out to see a movie; set up plans for the weekend.
Assignment: Role Play: Pick a day and offer to take your coach out to dinner. Your coach will accept your invitation and ask for the time when you two should meet. By accomplishing this assignment, students will get real practice about inviting someone to dinner.

* Unit3
1. Visiting Friends
2. Making Appointments
By accomplishing Unit 3, students will be able to welcome a visitor; introduce one person to another; compliment someone on his/her house; ask for and offer beverages (as a guest or a host); briefly describe a visit to a friend's place; answer a phone call and initiate a phone conversation; set up an appointment with a teacher on the phone; ask for a favor; ask someone to return your call.
Assignment: Role Play: My friend is not at home. The student is calling his/her friend to go out on a date. But his/her friend is not home so the friend's mom(the coach) answers the phone. The student is very surprised. By accomplishing this assignment, students will get real practice about initiating a phone conversation.

* Unit4
1. Studying Chinese
2. School Life
By accomplishing Unit 4, students will be able to comment on one's performance in an exam and character writing; talk about one's experience in learning Chinese vocabulary and grammar; talk about one's study habits; remark on typical scenes from one's language class; describe the routine of a student's life on campus; write a simple diary entry and a brief letter; express your modesty in terms of your foreign language ability; invite friends to go on an outing.
Assignment: Write a diary about your daily routine. Student could send his/her assignment to teachers by emails either in word document or scan file. By accomplishing this assignment, students will be able to express one's daily routine in basic mandarin.

* Unit5
1. Shopping
2. Transportation
By accomplishing Unit 5, students will be able to speak out the color, size, and price of a purchase recognize Chinese currency; pay bills in cash or with a credit card; determine the proper change you should receive; ask for different size.
Assignment: Directing your friend to…e.g. Mr. Wang's office. Take the subway-the Red Line(Line 1/2/5). Get off after 5 stops. Students will do it in-class. By accomplishing this assignment, students will get real practice of describing a traffic route.