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Get Started - Our Service offers customized one-on-one internet based Chinese lessons with experienced language tutors through interactive virtual classrooms. Regardless if you are a student or businessman and regardless of how advanced you are in Chinese, we will have a package tailored to suit your needs. At, we are committed to providing the best solution for your Chinese learning experience.

On your first visit to, a complementary test will be held by one of our learning consultants to assess your Chinese level. Based on that assessment and your personal learning interest, the consultant will produce a customized learning plan for you. Our coaches will then start your lessons with the instructions from the plan, revising and perfecting the plan according to your progress and suggestions to assure a high level of quality learning. You can never imagine how convenient it is to learn Chinese at, with some of the benefits including 24 hours access to your personal account and class reservation based on your own schedule (12 hours in advance booking is required). With no location constraint and no time restriction, the savings can easily be seen in your pocket!
Why is the best choice?
Features SpeakMandarin
Fully Interactive
Personal Attention
Schedule Flexibility
Teaching Quality
Custom Courses
Effective Results
· Fully Interactive
All of your sessions are conducted live with our coaches in Beijing. In our advanced online virtual‐classroom, you and your coach not only see and hear each other, but also share and work on documents together simultaneously.
· Personal Attention
You and your tutor talk one-on-one in our advanced virtual classroom. All his/her time is yours and you set the schedule!
· Schedule Flexibility
Check the coaches' availability and book your live online sessions to fit your schedule straight through our website. Send your coach questions or requests as they plan your future lessons. We have a growing number of dedicated coaches available at all times. You can always find an available time slot with our coaches that fit your schedule.
· Teaching Quality
Our coaches are highly qualified and well trained with impressive credentials from China's top universities including Peking University, Beijing Normal University, and Beijing Language and Culture University. Our coaches have specialized degrees and training in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and many are master degree holders as well.
· Courseware Options
An extensive list of multi‐media courseware also allows you to learn Mandarin Chinese online by yourself. When you're not online with your instructor you can choose your favorite lessons by topics or by type, each tailored to your individual proficiency, interests and applications. We will track your progress using our Individual Learning Process Management (ILPM) system. ILPM is your own personal learning history and ensures a coherent, systemized learning experience no matter where or with whom you learn.
· Effective Results can track your progress and adjust how you learn Mandarin Chinese with your own learning consultant. Your own personal learning history ensures a coherent, systemized learning experience regardless of who taught you or where you are. And, the most important- money back guarantee!
5 Easy Steps to Get You Started
Step 1: Create your free account profile – verify your time zone and download Skype
Step 2: Take an orientation session – walk through our learning system and discover how we conduct our lessons
Step 3: Take free trial sessions – become familiar with your coach as we conduct a thorough assessment of your language level and learning goals
Step 4: Receive your course package upon purchase – we will create a customized course package for you according to your needs
Step 5: Schedule your online sessions instantly