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Chinese for Kids
Ideal for younger students, from pre-K to elementary, our "Chinese for Kids" program includes shorter lessons that integrate songs and pictures to increase engagement. Students can expect to learn a wide variety of topics, with a focus on practical language that is relevant to the child's everyday life.
Our Chinese for Kids program is broken down into shorter 25-minute sessions to adjust to shorter attention spans. Colorful cartoons, graphics, and songs are incorporated into lessons to increase student engagement.

Students begin with an introduction to pinyin, the correct pronunciation of the Mandarin tones, and an introduction to Hanzi (Chinese characters). Chinese characters, vocabulary and phrases taught are based on practical language relevant to the everyday lives of children, including
      √ Greetings
      √ Numbers
      √ Colors
      √ Shapes
      √ Food
      √ Time and date
      √ How to ask someone's age
      √ Family titles
      √ Body parts
      √ Animals
      √ Weather
      √ etc…
Upon completing the course, students can expect to acquire a vocabulary of approximately 250 words and several hundred phrases.

Regular reinforcement, reviews, and small quizzes will be given throughout the course. As with all of our courses, lessons will be customized based on individual student level and progress.

* If child is not skilled at navigating a computer screen or using a mouse, a parent may be required to assist during sessions.
All of our courses are customized to your personal language skills and goals. If you need even more customization, we can do that, too!