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A Chance Encounter of Two Friends

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A Chance Encounter of Two Friends
宜静: 嗨,淑芳,你好!
Yijing: Hi Shufan, how are you?
淑芳: 嗨,宜静,好久不见啊!
Shufang: Hi Yijing, long time no see.
宜静: 好久不见,对,你上哪儿去啊?
Yijing: Long time no see. Yes, where are you going?
淑芳: 我……没什么事啊,我就随便逛逛而已。
Shufang: Me … nothing. I am just taking a stroll.
宜静: 随便逛逛!
Taking a stroll?
淑芳: 对。
Shufang: Yes.
宜静: 我们找个地方坐下来聊聊吧!好久没看到你了。
Yijing: Let's find a place to sit down and have a chat. I haven't seen you for a long time.
淑芳: 可以啊,好啊!
Shufang: Sure, OK.
宜静: 听说你母亲最近来看你,是不是?
Yijing: I heard that your mother came to visit you, didn't she? is that so?
淑芳: 前一阵子吧。已经大概几个月了,两三个月前。
Shufang: That was a while back. It is already a few months--two to three months ago.
宜静: 两三个月前。你带她到什么地方去玩啊?
Yijing: Two to three months ago...Where did you take her?
淑芳: 就在这附近,加州, 这附近, 逛一逛吧。 Monterey 啊, Carmel 啊。
Shufang: Just around this area, nearby places in California, like Monterey, Carmel...
宜静: 喔,这样子,那,你跟妈妈的关系应该挺不错的,是不是?
Yijing: Oh. So, relations between you and your mother should be pretty good, right?
淑芳: 对,我跟妈妈很亲。
Shufang: Yes, my mother and I are very close.
宜静: 那,你们的关系是属于什么样的关系呢? 好像在美国,(笑……) 在美国好像,这么问你是因为我最近发现,就是说好像在美国。我自己有孩子,不知道怎么跟孩子相处喔。 我觉得好像,在美国一般来说,好像一般美国人的这个观念就是,"亲子" 应该是像"朋友" 一样嘛!
Yijing: Then, what kind of relationship do you have with your mother? It seems in America, (laugh) In America, it seems… The reason I asked you in this way is because I found recently, in other words, it seems in America … I have a kid, but don't know how to interact with him. I feel in America, it seems…, in general, it seems the American concept of the "parent-child" relationship should be like "friends."
淑芳: 嗯。
Shufang: Humm
宜静: 那,你说你跟你妈妈很亲,这个是什么样的亲法呢?你们是像"朋友"呢?还是比较像是那个……就是……"上下"的关系呢?
Yijing: So, you said your mother and you are very close. What kind of closeness is it? Are you like "friends," or more like a "superior-subordinate" relationship?
淑芳: 啊,我懂了!
Shufang: Oh, I see!
宜静: 对,对!
Yijing: Yes, yes.
淑芳: 我妈妈跟我,我们家里其他的兄弟姐妹一样应该说可以有时候很像"朋友",可是呢,如果有时候又不太像,因为我妈妈非常地疼爱我们,她对我们照顾都无微不至。 可是呢,我们有事情要跟他说,她也很愿意听。
Shufang: My mother and I, and other siblings in my family are sometimes like friends, but sometimes not. Because my mother loves us very much, she takes care of us in every possible way. But, if we have things to say to her, she is willing to listen.
宜静: 喔,听起来你妈妈真的是一个很好的妈妈喔!
Yijing: Oh, it sounds your mother is really a good mother.
淑芳: 对。
Shufang: Right!